Orange-Apple Juice

Orange and apple juice are probably the most common juice folks drink and usually just by themselves. Well let’s mix them and add other fruit or vegetables. Orange and apple juice together is tantalizingly fresh and healthy. You can make this combination your own, I chose celery as I had some leftover. Add whatever you like such as carrot, spinach, cauliflower, or whatever you happen to have or think goes well with orange and apple juice.

This combo is quite fresh and tasty, I highly suggest trying this version.

Orange Apple Juice

2 oranges, peeled

1 apple, cut and cored

2 stalks celery, ends cut

Small piece of ginger, peeled

Put each piece into the juicer, one at a time. Juices can be combined into the same container from the juicer. Serve chilled or freshly made.

Keep juicing,


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