Pasión Yucateca Smoothie

Stephanie is always posting awesome recipes and writes up the best food blog posts, so I asked her if I could be a guest blogger and enter her realm with this simple and happy recipe. I might be stretching it when I call it a recipe, but it involves food and is healthy. So here you are and thanks Steph! Wink wink…

One of the things I absolutely love doing when visiting Mérida, Mexico, is load up on fresh tropical fruits, I should add vegetables, but I am not a fan of veggies. A vitamin C load-up, I tell myself.

When I lived in my little casita, I would go to a little coop and buy oranges and grapefruits. I would go to the main market, the Mercado Lucas de Gálvez, to buy lime, mango, coconut water and passion fruit (which I could only find at one specific market stall). With this pandemic, many things have changed here, and I will talk about the pandemic in a later post. Thankfully, my selfish wish that this market vendor was still open and had some passion fruit available was granted with over 2 kilos of passion fruit. I bought them all. I did say I was selfish… Now, he did say he wasn't sure when he could get more, and this fruit is not easy to come by. And I ingest tons of it when I visit, which is a good thing.

Among the many benefits of passiflora edulis, the Latin name of this amazing fruit, are the heart-healthy potassium its flesh provides, and the many other nutrients it contains, such as vitamin A, C, Magnesium, Iron, Riboflavin, Carotenoids, Nicotinic acid and Flavonoids. Many people do not like the seeds, and miss out on their antioxidant properties, which protect our body from the damage caused by excess free radicals, highly reactive molecules that can cause harm on a cellular level, consequently leading to the development of degenerative conditions including arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and more. Additionally, passion fruit seeds contain amylase, an enzyme that plays a major role in digestion by converting complex sugars into simple sugars. It also seems the seeds may contribute to balancing bacteria in our intestines and thus reducing our risk of developing tumors in the colon. The fiber in the seeds does our body good. And personally, I love the crunch of the seeds in my mouth. The seeds might seem tart to many, but I really enjoy that tartness. As a matter of fact, I add lime juice to my drink (and we are not talking your local supermarket lime; we are talking lime that matured on the tree a few miles down the road). I am highly sensitive to texture when I eat, and I simply delight in the final crunch that rests at the bottom of my glass after I have finished my (dairy-free) smoothie. Actually, it is really more a juice but I call it a smoothie and since my teenager daughter drinks it, so smoothie it is!

My simple recipe:

3 to 4 Oranges

2 to 3 Limes

1 to 2 Passion fruit

Squeeze or juice thee oranges and limes for fresh juice. Pour both juices into blender then add several spoons of passion fruit flesh (I scooped all the fruits out and placed the flesh in the fridge and freezer for us). Then add 5 ice cubes and blend.

You can also add mango, grapefruit and coconut water. Delicious!

As us French and Mexicans say when drinking, Santé, Salud. Yep, that sure is healthy!


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