Patience with yourself

It is normal to be inpatient and frustrated with yourself, whether it is our own skills, accomplishments, journey, development, shortcomings, or expectations. During this pandemic this is more true than ever. Those of us who don’t have the patience for ourselves are constantly self-criticizing and disappointed.

By being patient, we can focus our attention on the positive and not the negative. This allows us to focus on the positive traits, work toward self-improvement and love ourselves more. Here are some tips to help you with this:

· Rome was not built in one day

One of the most important things is to remember to give yourself time. You can’t fix or solve all your problems in one day or night. Taking things one step at a time will help you run the marathon rather than the sprint. You can have big goals however these take time, break them down into steps and celebrate each one you accomplish. Learning patience with yourself help builds your self-confidence to tackle goals and approach them with the belief that you can achieve them.

· Even if you suck, just do it

Allow yourself to have fun. Many people do not even try an activity or task for fear of failure. I remember being told that you will never learn until you try and you learn from failure – again, my mom was right. You learn so much from failing that you do from success. When we fail, we lose patience with ourselves, so what if you didn’t success, especially the first time. When you try something, fail, try again then success it is a much better success and feeling.

· Build empathy

It is more than feeling sorry for yourself. Having empathy means understanding where you’re coming from. People often empathize with other people and it is just as important to empathize with yourself. Many mental health professionals agree that building this skill is the key to improving your mental state.

We are all human and we all struggle, all of us. When you allow yourself breathing room, you allow yourself room to grow. With patience and understanding, you let go of the fear that you’re not doing enough and that you might fail. I tell myself, that it is ok if I don’t succeed the first time, I gave it a go. Trying something I have never done before is a success in itself.

So be kind and patient with yourself, Rome is still being built.


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