Romatic Valentine's Day Dinner

Valentine’s Day is this Sunday and most of us will be celebrating at home this year. Destination Wellness understands it is hard to be romantic during these times and to find time for you and your partner (spouse, partner, loved-one). We are hoping this will provide inspiration to make the day special.

Jan-Åke and I cooked a fabulous romantic Valentine’s Day meal together, we cook well together and really enjoy cooking together.

Here is our menu:

· Seared scallops

· Roasted garlic smashed cauliflower

· Garlic spinach

· Rich black bean chocolate mouse

Sea Scallops

We chose a very easy way to make cook our scallops, nothing fancy. First, dry the scallops, this will help with cooking them properly. Lightly salt and pepper each side. Heat a small amount of oil of your choice, we used olive oil, over medium high heat, make sure it is hot before adding the scallops. Cook each side 2 to 3 minutes, then remove. See, very easy and oh so delicious!

Roasted garlic mashed cauliflower

I found this recipe on Pinterest, I had made rice cauliflower but never mashed and have to say it is quite yummy. I roasted garlic for this recipe, took about 45 minutes so allow for this or roast day before or earlier in the day. Making this recipe is so similar to making mashed potatoes, cook the cauliflower in boiling water until soft. However to mash the cauliflower you put it into a food processor. Add the other ingredients; rosemary, thyme, salt/pepper, plant-based milk, olive oil and roasted garlic. I will admit, I forgot the roasted garlic in the video, remember and added after. Mix well in food processor, easy to make and ready to eat.

Garlic spinach

We love spinach so we choose to make it for our vegetable. If you don’t like spinach, choose something like asparagus or green beans. Using the same pan as we did for the scallops, heat a little bit of olive oil, once heated, add minced garlic, cook for about 1 minutes or until fragrant. Add the spinach, stir constantly until thoroughly cooked, usually when it looks very wilted, takes about 2-3 minutes.

Rich black bean chocolate mouse

This recipe you need to make a head of time, either day before or in the morning as it needs to be refrigerated for at least 4 hours. This recipe is vegan, delicious and easy to make. Follow the recipe on Pinterest, Basically, put all ingredients into the blender, pour into containers, chill then enjoy.

Our meal was wonderful! We had a great time cooking together and as always, I usually select easy to make recipes. Cooking does not have to be complicated or use too many ingridients. If you do not use our menu, try to stick with the same guidelines I use so you have an enjoyable time together cooking.

Happy Valentine's Day,

Stephanie and Jan-Åke

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