Scenic Run in Malmö today

As always, getting out the door is always the hardest part, especially when it's not all bright and sunny which are few and far between in Sweden and most parts of the northern part of the world this time of year. Once I got out the door, I got into my groove and decided to take pictures of my town, beautiful Malmö which is the most south in Sweden, just across the water from Copenhagen, Denmark.

Since I started my running journey when I lived in Southern California where the weather is never really that cold, don't have to worry about warm running clothing. When I first moved to Sweden, my boss told me I just need the right attire for running outside. My response was, I don't run outside when it's remotely cold so it doesn't matter and I'd head off to the gym. Well, that was 5 years ago and I've changed my mindset for this, I prefer to run outside just to get the fresh air and it's not boring as the treadmill.

What you wear is important so you are not cold, I wear a hat, gloves and usually a fleece. I might be chilly when I start, warm up as you get going. So don't be afraid to run outside, even in cold weather. That being said, I will not run in the rain, we will have to see if I run when it is snowing or really cold. Check out the picture of the statue of the gal (who is normally naked) is wearing a sweater and hat.

Enjoy these pictures, until next run. And to give you a perspective, I ran between 2-3 pm this afternoon, overcast all day.


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