Second day of Running

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Well today was my second day of running and motivation was nowhere to be seen. I forced my butt out the door because I knew I would happy after I was done and I definitely am. Once I was out the door, I started with a small walk to get warmed up then began jogging. I did the same as Monday, jogging then walking. I probably jogged more today than I did on Monday, about the same distance though.

I don’t run every day; I try to walk on my off-running days. When I walk, I usually listen to podcasts however when I’m running, I listen to music. I have realized that a good play list for running is very important for me, keeps me motivated to keep running. I definitely need to create a new running playlist. I’ll have one before my next run and I’ll share it with you.

Until the next run, enjoy picture I took of my normal run route in Malmö (yes it's a cemetery).


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