Seed Cracker -The Clean Plate

I love these crackers! First all, I never thought I would ever be making crackers. I have cooked my whole life, started with my mom who was an excellent cook, creative and fun – I hope my cooking is similar to hers. I cook lots of different types of food, love to try new recipes and make up some of my own but never really thought about making crackers.

Brenda introduced me the Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook The Clean Plate, fell in love with it (lots of love in this blog post). This cookbook has a bit of everything from breakfast, smoothies, snacks, main meals, etc., the whole gamut. I decided to make the Seed Crackers that is in the cookbook. Oh my, they are so delicious and easy to make. My boyfriend and I love these crackers!

I do have a few tips to help you out for making these crackers, things I learned in the many times I have made them.

Follow the ingredients and instructions, do not sway from them.

  • Make sure the arrow root powder is mixed thoroughly and there are no lumps.

  • Use salt as your own discretion in the mixture and on top before baking. I use on the less side, just my preference.

Rollout tips and Baking

  • Make sure the parchment paper is the size of your baking sheet

  • There is a trick to figure out the width of the crackers, you do not want them too thin but then not too thick. I have done both, more than once. Just try to judge on this best you can.

  • When lifting the top paper, do it slowly, use a spatula to scrape the part that is on the top. The slower the better in doing this.

  • Once the top piece of parchment paper is done, use spatula to even out the mixture. Try to keep mixture from too close to the edge and fill in any holes you find.

  • Cook for the full 45 minutes, the edges will begin to curl.

  • Let the cracker cool for about 5 minutes before pulling off of paper.

  • Break into pieces, larger ones will break easily, try to stay on the medium to small size.

These crackers are great to eat without anything on them however, even more yummy with added ingredients. I eat mine with avocado and boiled eggs – I add a little bit of English mustard (spicey) to my avocado to give it a kick. I also eat with hummus and almond butter – not together though. Add your favorite to this cracker, will become your new favorite snack!

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