We hear about self-love often but what is self-love and why is it so important. Self-love is compassion and unconditional acceptance for yourself. Now this sounds simple enough, right, but practicing really loving yourself is more difficult than one would think. Part of self-love is being honest with yourself which can also be challenging.

So what does loving yourself look like? True self-love involves showing up for yourself even when you feel unlovable, or shameful. It involves taking the steps to listen to yourself, identify what caused you to not respect or identify your needs or boundaries. Self-love is also taking care of and meeting your own needs and allowing non-judgemental thinking. Its viewing yourself as essentially worthy, good, valuable, and deserving of happiness.

Self-love is so important, more than most of us realize. It means accepting your emotions for what they are and putting your physical, emotional, and mental well-being first. Self-love motivates you to make healthy choices in life. When you hold yourself in high esteem, you're more likely to choose things that nurture your well-being and serve you well.

Self-love is also reflection of yourself. Others notice when you love and respect yourself, especially your friends and family. For those who have children, they are affected and respond to how you treat yourself, remember they are always watching.

When you start to love yourself and treating yourself with the proper respect, you yourself will change. Here are just a few examples of what happens when you practice self-love.

1. You start to feel more in charge of your life.

2. Your attitude shifts.

3. You are more authentic.

4. Improved self-confidence.

5. You will stop seeking approval.

6. You will start to make courageous and conscious decisions.

7. You will start to enjoy being with yourself.

8. Sense of fulfilment.

9. Discover your gifts.

Next week, I will discuss how to love yourself. In the meantime, think about how you treat and talk to yourself. Write down at least 5 things you love about yourself, put some deep thought into it. Do not think about what others love about you, just what you love about yourself.

Until next week,


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