Serenity Series - 14 February 2021 Valentines Day!!

Read on if you want to bring the Zen to your valentines day in 2021...

As the ‘stay at home’ message crawls into the cozy corners of yet another week, month and year, we wanted to share some reminders of why it’s important to create a sense of Zen inside those familiar four walls!

Below are some small steps that we can all take to curate our safe spaces, reset our minds, relax our bodies and bring the Zen home...

1. Tidy space tidy mind The first step to bringing happiness to your home is to create a calm atmosphere to unwind in. Your space doesn’t have to be big, but just uncluttered enough to feel inviting. Keep this space filled with things that bring you joy such as your favorite skincare treats, books or candles.

2. Bathe the day away A hot bath or shower is one of the best ways to distinguish between day and evening and leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed. Did you know that the ideal time to shower is around an hour and a half before you go to bed, at the optimum temperature of 40-42 degrees Celsius?

3. Satisfy the senses Aromas are powerful when evoking memories and nostalgia, so by scenting your cozy surroundings accordingly, the mind will instantly connect calm environments with those familiar, soothing smells. An easy way to do this is by spritzing your space with So Sleepy Spray and rubbing a bit of temple balm on before bed: The perfect duo to prime your senses for a replenishing night’s rest.

4. Be present and thankful Think about three things that made you smile today. It could be an unexpected call from a loved one, a grin from a stranger, the sunshine creeping through the curtains or hearing your favorite song on the radio. Taking a moment each day to be present and thankful will help realign your focus while appreciating the little things around you, and in turn, will set a positive tone for your home.

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