Serenity Series, Smash this Week

Back to work tomorrow? Prep and refresh with our top tips for self-care! You deserve it.

Take a soak in a nice warm bath (the bubblier the better in our opinion!) with our luxury Bath Foam of course. Lie back and let the scented bubbles cradle and comfort you

Time for your body, keep on top of dry winter skin with the crème de la crème of body creams, Whipped Body Velvet! Eliminating dryness by sealing any cracks in your skin barrier, it's a must-have for a self-care day.

We all know a big day ahead can sometimes mean a sleepless night, so spritz your way into the sweetest of dreams and ensure you get those elusive eight hours with So Sleepy Pillow Mist. The luxurious blend of seven sleep-inducing essential oils will leave you feeling calm, soothed and ready for bed.

Go and smash this week, you've got this


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