So... we should meditate????!!


I grew up in a reasonably smaller city (Spokane, WA) where I think anyone who engaged in a mindfulness practice was considered alternative. "Hippie" is most likely the label that would have been put on them (I hate labels by the way, but empathize that they sadly work well for common identification). As a result, I know that I had a real resistance to anything that could put a label like that on me.

I mean really?? I was a child of the mid-seventies, my formative years in the eighties and it was all neon, rubber bracelets and SWATCH watches for me. I idolized Madonna and Wham, I had every intention of being cool, productive, successful.... mindfulness NEVER EVER entered my stratosphere.

As I matured, I totally had my shit together, I still didn't need anything that mundane I thought...

Oh boy, was I WRONG!!! The more I lived, the more I lost, the more I hurt. I started building up a well of "stuff" that I carried around in a bucket. That bucket became fuller as I experienced grief, shame, humiliation, regret.... At that time, I hadn't realized how natural and human these emotions were, so I thought I was the only one that felt them, and I deserved to suffer. Sometimes other people (exes, for example ;) would actually TELL ME that I deserved to suffer.

Enter meditation. Meditation, Mindfulness, whatever we want to call it was suggested to me YEARS ago by a therapist first, then by an individual in a group I was in, then by a guy I dated, then a few others... I tried it, it was absolute rubbish. I couldn't sort it out to save my life. I took a pass on it.

Time went on. My well deepened, more shame, more humiliation, again... normal human life stuff. My bucket wasn't big enough to carry all the water in the well anymore. I needed more buckets. I didn't have a place to put them. I'd lose focus on occasion, trying to find a place to store one bucket so I could carry another....

Meditation was suggested again. This time, I was determined to see if it worked. I discovered guided meditation, which I definitely recommend as a start. And don't put big expectations on it. 5 minutes is okay to start, not every day is okay, ease into it and see what feels good, see what kind of response you get.

  • Did you take 5 minutes one morning to meditate at the start and set an intention for the day?

  • Was that day more focused and productive as a result?

  • Did you feel good?

That's all it takes to start growing a practice.... We all have 5 minutes to offer.

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