Start of holiday stress

The Christmas holiday season has officially begun, of course it is already started but I'm calling end of last week the official start. Christmas is such fun time of the year with decorating, listening to holiday music, being with friends and family - oh but wait, this year is going to be different from previous due to the pandemic. There is so much unknown this holiday season which make it even more stressful than normal.

All of us are dealing with so many unknowns that can be everything from not knowing if you'll be going back on lockdown, limited number of people that can gather leading to the question of will you be able to celebrate with your family as usual as well as so many changes from our normal lives. We are definitely going to be doing things different from everything you've ever done before and this is very hard and stressful. How we decide to manage our stress for this is our own choice!

Of course it is easy to say stay positive and how you react is your choice but doing these things is the difficult part. We at DW, like you, are working to manage our stress the best way possible and hope that we can help this holiday season with some helpful practices and coping skills. Now not everyone is going through the same thing or deals with stress in the same way so we did some research on some options, hoping that at least one will be helpful for you.

We have added to our Mindfulness Pinterest board many quotes along with some coping options, please follow this link,

Be and stay Mindful,


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