Summer Class Promo

Destination Wellness is offering a summer promo on all class packs, 50% off until end of August. Yes, you read that correctly, 50% off!

We know that everyone wants to be outside, enjoy the summer weather, who wants to be inside taking a fitness class. Well, you can take these classes anywhere, they are online so why not take your phone with earpods to the park with a friend and take that online class while you are outside enjoying the weather and stay in shape!

Destination Wellness class pack 50% summer promotion

  • 5 Class pack £20 ($28)

Attend 5 classes for only £20, pack is valid for 3 months

  • 10 Class pack £30 ($41)

Attend 10 classes for only £30, pack is valid for 3 months

  • Monthly Unlimited £40 ($55)

Attend as many classes you want for only £40, valid for 1 month

These deals are incredible so don't miss out, you can enjoy the weather as well as enjoy our wellness classes. Check out our schedule that offers more than 40 classes every week and more being added continuously.

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