Summer Promo!! Maintain the perfect summer glow!!!

Keep your summer tan healthy, even and stable this year with a little help from the fabulous Tropic Sunless tanning products, for both face and body, vegan and cruelty-free, are exactly what you need. Destination Wellness has these bundled this summer for VIP's!

The basics - Vitamin Toner to nourish, + Sun Drops + Skin feast as the perfect gradual tanning face duo! £60 before VIP discount

Face Smooth + Body smooth to ensure you are properly exfoliated to guarantee an even tone! £39 before VIP discount

Summer skin (a gradual-build self-tan lotion) + Instant Glow perfecting leg serum! (an instant, wash-off tanning serum) £34 before VIP discount

Have all three for an incredible price!!! £133 before VIP discount

Don't let your beautiful tan fade a bit regardless of how busy your summer is!

Treat yourself with a natural, flawless, sun-kissed glow.

VIP's: contact for your discount or shop directly here:

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