Sunday Serenity Series - Easter Weekend!!

We started Serenity Series a bit early this week, being Easter and all.... I'm in England at the moment, the weather is beautiful and there is truly nothing better than giving myself some time to relax and rejuvenate, which is what Serenity Series is all about...

As I sit in the Conservatory this lovely Spring Sunday morning, the pups basking in the sunlight, I am so thankful for the lovely day yesterday. Sophia's barre class was an amazing workout, followed by 75 minutes of Yin with Saori. I spent the rest of the day in full-on self-care with a complete Tropic facial, all 3 masks then a serum overload.

Gwyneth's Clean Plate Fritatta recipe ruled my brunch with a lovely, indulgent glass of Prosecco and plenty of lounging around with the pups getting caught up on all the fun little bits of life I don't pay attention to very often.

As Serenity time was a day early this week, I still have a beautiful Sunday ahead. James Downs with YogaProject is hosting an outdoor yoga class today and I am looking SO FORWARD to a LIVE outdoor class now that restrictions in England have lifted a bit.

While your own Serenity time can be all weekend or just Sundays, we have everything you need!

The skincare regime at Tropic Skincare is available here:

And a single class or an entire weekend retreat can be booked all virtual here:

Join us for any, or all we have to offer and pamper yourself a bit every weekend!!

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