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Updated: Nov 23, 2020

November 20, 2020

Hi all, it’s been a few days since my last run, I’ll explain why. Today’s post has a few topics so hope you’ll take the time to read through my entire post which includes why I haven’t run since last Thursday, my running playlists and my surprises on my run today.

Yes, today was my first run since last Thursday but I’ll explain why. I can’t run every day due to my knee injury however I do long walks in between. I completed a 6.5km walk last Friday then did a hike, 10km, on Saturday with my boyfriend. I tried to run on Sunday and Monday, actually went out the door, started to run and my knee said ‘no Bueno’ so I walked those days but not long distances. It was raining most of yesterday (not a real excuse but a valid one). Today in dreary weather (welcome to Sweden in November), I got my butt out the door and ran 5.5km, felt good to get out and run.

In my last post, I mentioned importance of good playlist is to me. On Sunday, I updated my Spotify running playlist which I’ll share with you. Now, no judgement as everyone has their own tastes and I’ll admit upfront that some of the songs on my playlist are cheesy but I love cheesy and need tunes with a good beat to keep me going when I want to stop.

There were two surprises today on my run today. First, a scooter and a bike that were retrieved from the canal, pics included. I live in the city center of Malmö, Sweden which is surrounded by a canal. Of course, many things are thrown into the canals in Europe (think Amsterdam or Copenhagen). My second surprise, which I don’t have a picture of was a rat – not a huge one but big enough to call a rat. I was running through one of the many cemeteries I run through and a rat was about to run across my path, I screamed so loud that he ran opposite direction of me. I did take a couple of pictures after when I was still in one of the cemeteries, enjoy!

Until next run,


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