Take things one step at a time

Life is even more difficult than normal, we all need to find ways to manage our stress and anxiety. Most of us are in some sort of lockdown are going into another one. The first time was a bit unknown, this time we know what it's all about, not sure if this is better or worse. Some lockdowns are much stricter than others and some schools are open while others are closed adding additional stress for parents with kids at home that need attention while still trying to do your own work.

This is all very overwhelming; we need to support each other, help each other through these times. Every little jester helps, even a text from a friend to let them know you're thinking of them just might be what they need and help them through the day.

At Destination Wellness, we're striving to provide tools and a global community to help with your stress and anxiety whether by just reading helpful quotes and information, https://www.pinterest.se/destinationwellnessuk/mindfullness/, or through health (yoga, running), clean eating, just being there for you. We will continue to expand and hope you join us on this journey.


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