Taking some time for ourselves on Tuesday...

I first met Bianca Hicks accidentally at CamYoga about 2 years ago. I was booked into another class but arrived late and couldn't enter the class. Bianca's Jivamukti class was next available and had room. I decided to just try it.

When I entered the room, I could already feel a sense of calm and peace, Bianca started off with some music and chanting, which was new to me. Although I initially thought WHOOOAAA - I am not into this kind of stuff, I quickly fell in love with her enchanting, soothing methodology and eased into the Jivamukti. It was simply beautiful. I left that class feeling refreshed, uplifted and in love with Bianca.

When we started Destination Wellness, Bianca was one of my first "requests" to participate. She's busy and has a lot of commitments in her teachings. As a result, I didn’t get my hopes up too high. When Bianca contacted me about 10 days ago and said, “I’ve really been missing my crystal bowls and would love to do a Christmas special”, I was determined to make the event not only happen, but an event to remember.

We have joined with James Downs at the beautiful St Paul’s Church in central Cambridge on Tuesday 15 December. James’ class, a yoga flow titled nurturing hope is available at 6:30PM (GMT, UK time). Bianca’s Crystal Bowls healing meditation starts at 8:15PM, RSVP’s can attend one class, or both at a discounted rate.

These are two of my most favorite teachers and leaders in our community, they have such beautiful souls and will leave us all feeling centered, focused and spiritually uplifted. The Crystal Bowls meditation class is available for up to 30 people on site and will be live streamed for our community to join and attend globally.

We hope you will share this special time with us and offer yourself along with any friends and family you would like to bring along for a special holiday treat!

You can RSVP here: https://www.destinationwellness.uk/event-details/crystal-bowl-sound-healing-mini-mukti-experience-optional-nurturing-hope-yoga-flow

We look forward to you joining us,


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