Taking time for yourself

I am currently in the US, first time to visit family and friends in about 18 months, due to covid. I am really enjoying being able to visit in person with so many people, in 4 different cities around the US. However, I am eating not so healthy and drinking too much alcohol – not that it is a bad thing as I am thoroughly enjoying all of it.

It is not always easy to workout when you are traveling. I did cross fit 2 to 3 times in LA with my friend Julia, great classes. I also played some golf which was right on the Pacific. I am now in Louisiana visiting my Dad where it is 95 ℉ and high humidity. I really want to workout while I am here then remembered I can take one of our Wellness Classes, Irek’s Pilate class is at 2:30pm my time, awesome!

I took his class and it was great as always! Was so nice to be able to take an online class at my Dad’s house. No drama of having to find a local studio or drive somewhere. I grabbed a towel, setup my phone with camera in the living room. So easy and fantastic!

I feel so much better physically and mentally for taking time for myself. I was singing to the radio after as I went to the grocery to make a healthy dinner for family this evening – rexcept for the coconut pie my Aunt Donna is bringing.

Be sure to take time for yourself, even if only for 30 minutes, you will thank yourself later that day and the next.


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