Tea, Types and Benefits

Most of us drink some sort of tea and we all have a favorites, mostly for the taste. We all know that tea is good for us which is great, however how many of us know which teas are best for what.

I started some research as I wanted to find out the real deal, have more than one source saying the same thing. Well, of course I found lot of information and numerous sources, then found some on Pinterest, which I have Pinned to our Pantry board.

There are all different types of tea. Two of my favorites are chia and peppermint, nice to have for afternoon treat (I'm a morning coffee drinker). I've gather a few guides to share, please take the time to read and enjoy your tea, maybe try some new ones.


Top 10 tea types, https://pin.it/6cTU8N4

15 Herbal teas and benefits, https://pin.it/2WIUc9U

Beginners guide to Herbal tea, https://pin.it/sOTwOK3

Tea time, all you need to know about tea, https://pin.it/2KJFedM

Tea magic, https://pin.it/7r2GRmp

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