The hunt for an all Natural Anti-Perspirant that WORKS!!

I was first alarmed by the idea that the drugstore anti-perspirant I might be using could have long term health effects at the age of about 25....

Having always been conscientious (OR TRY HARD AT LEAST) about not only my own health and well being, but also that of the world around me, I immediately moved to an all natural option. At this time (we are talking late 90's early 00's) the only options on the market were "deodorant" only options. I often found them to be chalky or soapy in feel, and would really gunk up under my arms and get into my clothes permanently it seemed.

On a trip to Victoria one year, I was shopping on the high street and came across a shop that was all natural body and beauty products They had a selection of "Salt Rocks" egg shaped balls of salt that were mined in Spain and could be wet down under a tap and then rubbed under your arm. "Brilliant" I thought, the shop keeper promised that I could kill the bacteria that caused bad odor with this all while eliminating the gunky, chalky, soapy mess from other deodorants.

"Give it 4 weeks" she told me, to let my body get all the toxins out and rest. "You'll sweat a lot those 4 weeks" she said, then promised it would calm after that.

Ultimately, I used these salt rocks for more than 15 years!! They worked GREAT at eliminating odor and were easy to use and all natural, I loved them. The egg option was challenging as it would often slip from my hands and break when it hit the floor, resulting in many pieces. I then found Pit-Rok brand that alleviated that problem. I still have a stick of Pit-Rok in my bathroom.

This was all great - however, it only handled odor, so I was still sweating like a Mo-Fo.... Being as active as I am, I could never overcome this problem, and I just learned to live with it. I lived with it for almost TWENTY YEARS!


Feel Fresh Changed my life. Not only did it have a wonderful, fresh citrus scent and still kills the bacteria that causes odor, it also has naturally derived and sustainable aluminum salts in it that work as an anti-perspirant. SIMPLY AMAZING!!

This is the number one product that people try that pulls them into trying more of the tropic line. At $13.50 USD a tube, it is well worth a try. You will fall in love immediately.

The fine print on the ingredients:

A creamy but non-clogging formula, this uses naturally derived aluminium salts known as aluminium chlorohydrate that come from recycled aluminium. 100% safe and found to be the most effective ingredient to prevent sweat from working its way to the skin’s surface by forming a temporary plug in the sweat duct, the result is cool, dry armpits no matter how much pressure you’re under. Bisabolol from chamomile helps keep skin calm and stops any redness – perfect after hair removal while gingergrass and tea tree provide an antibacterial and antiseptic punch to stop bacteria spreading. Vitamin E and shea butter complete the line-up ensuring skin stays healthy and conditioned.

This product is freshly made in the UK using the most nutritious, sustainably sourced ingredients from across the globe.

Our heroes: Bentonite clay Created from volcanic ash, this incredibly gentle clay absorbs odours and sweat by acting as a magnet to draw them out and away. It also helps create that slip and slide action in products because it’s so velvety soft which means there’s no stickiness when you apply them.

Bisabolol Derived from chamomile oil, this skin-soothing agent is incredibly calming, gets rid of any redness and inflammation and helps maintain the skin’s pH levels. It also blends with your skin’s own oil, improving the absorption of other ingredients that can piggyback their way into your skin – great for a fast-acting antiperspirant.

Gingergrass extract Native to India, this perennial plant has been used in aromatherapy blends since ancient times. As well as its zingy and uplifting scent, its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties stop germs spreading and soothe the skin.

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