Today I Ran

Yes, it has been quite a while since I went running. I have not run in a while as my knee started hurting (knee injury), it was cold again in Sweden, etc., I know these are excuses, not real reasons. When my knee started hurting, I started up my physical therapy exercises – I should not have ever stopped, my bad.

I am taking many of our wellness classes, took 8 this week. I am loving our new schedule with so many options. I am not a big yogi (don’t tell Brenda although I think she already knows however I am taking a few of our beginner yoga classes and enjoying them). I have been doing lots of Barre and Pilates along with the new Fitness class, these classes are great for strength and balance, has helped my knee. With so different teachers and different types of classes, you never get bored.

Back to my running today. I felt I was ready to give it a try and I was right, felt great to get out in the nice, not so cold, Swedish weather and run. I bought new running shoes yesterday, mine were done, causing some pain in my feet. With my knee ready after needed therapy and my new shoes, I had a very successful run today.

I did not run a long distance, but you know, what matters is I started running again, I did not let my injury let me give up. Now running may not be your thing but whatever it is, do not give up just because you hit a speed bump. Running is back in my exercise schedule.

Enjoy pictures I took today along my run.

Don’t quit,


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