Tropic Brush Cleaner

Let's talk about cleaning your brushes because lets be honest, it's not often at the top of our to-do list.

But it's time to change that!

“Makeup pots and brushes are notorious for harbouring bacteria, sebum and dead skin cells,” says skin specialist Dr Fabusiwa. And the build-up of these can add up to skin concerns we’d rather avoid.

“These harmful bacteria can quickly colonise in our cosmetics and from there can be transferred directly onto our skin with each application. The dirt and bacteria from your brushes can clog and irritate the pores leading to inflammation and blemish-prone skin.”

With everything the world has flung at us recently, why would we want to inflict any skin issues on ourselves?

So, first things first, it’s time to tackle your brushes. “You should endeavour to wash your makeup brushes weekly,” says Dr Fabusiwa, as these are the vehicle for applying products, they are going directly onto your skin and into your products a lot of the time.

To keep your face free from irritation it’s important to use something that’s not going to feel harsh on the skin. Dr Fabusiwa recommends a gentle cleanser, so the Tropic Skincare Signature Hand Wash or Body Wash would be perfect to lather up with. Make sure you don’t forget your beauty sponges, too!

Don't forget to tag your makeup-loving friend and remind them to do the same.

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