Tropic Dry Skin vs Dehydrated

We can see where the confusion lies with this one. Don’t dry and dehydrated mean the same thing? Can I have dry skin that’s perfectly hydrated?

Well, we want to put this confusion to bed once and for all!

Dry skin:

  • Tends to be more of a genetic skin type, rather than a passing issue

  • Lacks vital lipids, which act as a support barrier

  • Can also be dehydrated

  • Tends to impact face and bodyIs a constant issue, particularly in winter

Dehydrated skin:

  • Can affect anyone, regardless of their skin type

  • Lacks vital water, which balances the skin

  • Sometimes feels dry and oily simultaneously

  • Is often the cause of spots and blemishes

  • Can come and go depending on treatment and environment

Some ingredients to look for when tackling each issue are...

For dry skin look for:

  • Plant oils e.g. jojoba oil

  • Shea butter

  • Plant ceramides

You can find these ingredients in our Skin Feast, Smoothing Cleanser, and Whipped Body Velvet.

For dehydrated skin, look for:

  • Aloe vera juice

  • Hyaluronic acid

  • Cucumber extract

  • Algae extract

You can find these ingredients in our Vitamin Toner, Rainforest Dew, Deep Hydration Mask, and Skin Feast.

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