Tropic Feel Fresh

My first Tropic product is Feel Fresh, toxin-free deodorant. I had been looking for a chemical free deordant, had not been able to find one that worked. Brenda introduced me to Feel Fresh, it actually works which is fantastic.

Feel fresh is environmentally friendly, sweat-resistant and non-irritating, this is all you could want from a deodorant and more. For starters, it’s an antiperspirant which means that you won’t feel sticky in the warmest weather or during the toughest workouts. It’s also soothing and conditioning thanks to ingredients like bisabolol and shea butter that leave your armpits soft and smooth. The pink grapefruit and gingergrass aroma smells super fresh and spa-like, making it a delight to apply.

I am not suggesting you ask people to sniff your armpits but if they did, they’d be pleasantly surprised, even at the end of the day! If you are looking for toxin-free deodorant, you have to give this one a try.


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