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Updated: Feb 21, 2021

Finding your ideal hair care product doesn't need to be difficult. Tropic can take the hard work out of the equation and break down our three hero hair products!

Choose Nourishing Hair Cleanser if:

  • Your hair is thick, curly or prone to frizz

  • Your hair has been coloured, bleached or treated

The results?

  • Strong, healthy hair and a less irritated scalp

  • Prolonged colour luminosity with continued use

Choose Clarifying Hair Wash if:

  • Your hair is fine to medium-thickness

The results?

  • Clean, refreshed hair free from oil or product buildup

Choose Hair Feast if:

  • Your hair is in need of extra moisture and nourishment

  • You're looking for a daily conditioning treatment that can double up as an intensive hair mask

The results?

  • Hair that is incredibly healthy-looking, nourished and shiny.

And once you've perfected your hair wash routine, why not finish up with our Hair Smooth Radiance Oil to tame, sleek and style?

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