Tropic - Importance of non-toxin skincare

Tropic Skincare is the beauty brand on everyone's lips at the moment. Affordable, cruelty-free, sustainable and packed with responsibly sourced, natural ingredients, it's no wonder that searches for both the products and the brand's smart Skincare Routine Finder (which matches you to the perfect regime) are climbing.

The skin acts as a passageway from the outside world into the bloodstream, so what we put on our skin can be absorbed by the body and enter our blood. Our skin can absorb up to 60% of what we slather onto it and the sensitive areas around our faces and armpits can absorb two to six times as much as other areas of the body.

Our skin is our largest organ — the average human body contains around 18 square feet of epidermis! All that skin plays a key role in our well being because it serves as a protective barrier, helps to maintain stable body temperature, and allows us the sense of touch.

Knowing that our bodies absorb the personal care products we use, it’s important to give ingredients a second look. Toxin-free skincare is more important than ever. Learn more about Tropic at Destination Wellness,

Destination Wellness Team

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