Tropic Perfect Skin

Ever wondered what the small red bumps on the tops of your arms are called?

You're not alone! Common in 40% of adults, these bumps are sometimes referred to as ‘chicken skin’, but their technical term is keratosis pilaris.

These small red bumps are completely harmless, and often don't cause any discomfort. But if you're looking for something to diminish their appearance, we created Perfect Skin Resurfacing Body Lotion to do just that.

This fast-acting lotion acts as an after-shower resurfacing treatment to reveal beautifully smooth skin with each application thanks to clever pomegranate enzymes and maximum-strength glycolic acid!

These hard-working hero ingredients gently exfoliate the skin, effectively buffing away dead skin cells to encourage healthy cell regeneration for smoother, brighter skin.

But don't just take our word for it! In a clinical study using Perfect Skin, the symptoms of keratosis were reduced by 50% in just 4 weeks

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