Tropic, which skin type are you?

Not sure which products to use for your skin type? We're here to help!

Take the guesswork out of your skincare by following one of our recommended routines. Swipe through to find yours!

Every routine should start with a cleanser and toner, then be followed with a serum that's suited to your specific skin type and needs.

If Eye work is part of your routine, massage around the delicate eye area after you've applied your serum but before your moisturiser.

Finish your routine by applying any creams, such as Skin Feast or Skin Dream, then finally any oils, like Super Greens or Elixir.

If your evening routine includes Eye Dream, this can be popped on last.

And don’t forget, daily sunscreen use helps to dramatically reduce premature ageing too.

Wear a broad-spectrum SPF, like Sun Day Facial UV Defence, every day as the last step in your routine and your skin will thank you later.

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