Unfrozen to Run

I went running today for the first time in about 3 weeks, I am definitely a far weathered runner. Like most places north of the equator, Sweden has been very cold. Today is the first day the temperature is above freezing, it was 5°C / 41°F.

I was excited to get out and run today. I had an interesting run, took some pictures to share with you the things I saw. I live in the city center of Malmö which is surrounded by a canal. The canal is mostly still frozen, not sure if all the way down as it is not so deep. I first came upon some ducks that were either walking on the ice or swimming in the small area not frozen.

As I crossed the bridge from there, I see a couple of guys ice fishing, I will always think this is a strange to people ice fishing. As I kept going, there were lots of guys out there fishing. I even happened to be watching when one of them caught a fish.

I ran my normal route today, through three cemeteries. With the weather being nice, lots of folks were out walking and running. I happened upon a guy who was walking his beautiful white cat, got a picture of her to share with you all.

Since I have not been able to run or rather, did not want to run, I have been taking more of our online classes, pilates and barre. We have new teachers and classes,19 classes every week. We are also working to have the classes online for you to stream, this way if our class schedules do not meet yours, you can stream the class when it is convenient for you. Check out our current classes, we have more to come and streaming soon!

Spring is getting closer every day, being outside is always motivation to get out and exercise. It is great to mix up your exercise, with our wellness classes, running/walking, biking, hiking, or whatever your favorite outside exercise might be.

Stay motivated,


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