Watermelon margarita

Summer is here and it is finally that time of year to make cold refreshing adult beverages, you know what I mean. Now I am from the south, raised in Louisiana, so of course watermelon is part of my DNA and every summer. I was so excited to make and try this margarita! This twist on margaritas is on it’s on level of tastiness and refreshing.


2 cups watermelon cubed and frozen

2 tablespoons lime juice

2/3 cup tequila


1 lime cut into wedges, half juiced for rimming glasses

Coarse salt or granulated sugar for rimming glasses

Watermelon and/or lime slices

Put ingredients into blender, blend away until smooth. Rub the lime on rim of glasses then add either with coarse salt or granulated sugar. Pour margarita into glasses, garnish with lime slices and enjoy!


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