We are all Wonder Woman

So much of what we read these days is around keeping it together during these difficult times. I want to celebrate how great and wonderful we are as women, people forget to celebrate the accomplishments we have made. I ran across this Wonder Women cartoon, think it is worth exploring.

Most of us grew up with wonder woman or at least know who she is. But what does wonder woman mean and stand for. Typical of me, I did some research and am a bit shocked at what I found on my first search response.

First question that came up when I did a Goole search on Wonder Woman, ‘What does it mean when someone calls you wonder woman? wonder woman(noun) a woman who can be a successful wife and have a professional career at the same time.’

What? Wait, no, really, what? Who wrote that definition, I have an idea but actually I do not want to know.

So, what does Wonder Woman mean. I think this can mean whatever we want, we decide the definition, not others for us.

We are so many things: single, married, divorces, daughters, mothers, sisters, etc. – stay at home moms, working moms, professionals, athletes, teachers, and so many more than I can even begin to list. None of us are one thing, we are multiple things.

During these difficult times, we have all been tested and am sure we have all questioned ourselves. So many of us are doing so much more than we usually do, we added to our already full load. Then we question if we are doing the right things and making the correct decisions. Yet, we keep going, doing our best, every day and doing more for others than for ourselves – so typical of us as women.

We may not have those magic lassos, metal bracelets, or a flying invisible plane (that would be so cool) and no matter who we are or how we are, and no matter what difference may exist, every woman can be and is a heroine in her everyday life.

We are all Wonder Women! Do not forget this or down plate it. We need to celebrate it and celebrate each other!

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