Wednesday - We Eat Vegan!!

We frequently stress the benefits of eating Vegan at DW, which are vast. However, I personally still fight the battle with friends, family members and the general media who want to push animal byproducts for their own reasons.

Veganism is not an easy lifestyle. While it is becoming more accessible, with prepared food options and restaurants opening, the option to eat vegan still requires devotion and prep work.

At DW you will find that every Wednesday NO MATTER WHAT is our vegan day. Some weeks we eat vegan most of the week and sometimes the ENTIRE WEEK!! But Wednesday, always on Wednesday.

Some of the benefits of eating vegan include:

  1. It could help you shed off weight

  2. It could help you get a lot of vital nutrients easily

  3. It could reduce your risk of developing diabetes or even help reverse diabetes

  4. It could help reduce your risk of heart disease and strokes

  5. It could reduce your risk of getting some cancers

  6. It may make you live longer

  7. It could help your mood and reduce your stress levels

  8. It could help reduce your migraines

  9. It may help prevent you from getting arthritis

  10. It may help prevent you from getting dementia

More detailed information about all of this can be found here:

Ultimately, we are continually striving toward a richly fulfilling plant-based diet and are inviting you to join us on the journey.

Today, on a chilly day in February, a month where we are enjoying clean comfort food; we are sampling new vegan recipes to support this topic. Meatballs, a family favorite in any form, is our choice today and this recipe did not disappoint. It took about an hour to pull together, another 20 minutes to bake and another 10 to caramelize. Topped with a generous dollop of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, The whole family thoroughly enjoyed these.

Try them! You will not be disappointed...

Recipe available on our pinterest page under What's for Dinner? ( or can be found directly here:

~ Brenda

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