Wednesday We Eat Vegan 17 March 2021

It's Wednesday again!!! And we are still loving the Indian food.

We did a phenomenal Korma tonight that will knock your socks off!!

Now, this is a "buttermilk" curry and it is vegan if you follow the recipe. I've had several people ask how you get a buttermilk anything that is vegan?? The answer is pretty easy, a couple of tablespoons in some oat milk and some time to curdle is all you need!!

With that said, I did opt to use ghee again this week. I am really appreciating again, the flavor profile, and the added health benefits of ghee. Your "Vegan" preference is yours and again, if this raise controversy around Wednesday "we eat vegan" I appreciate that however, we are judgment-free at DW and life is all about modifications sometimes.

This Korma has a rich, lovely, velvety and very "creamy" texture, plenty of spice and is fabulous over rice.

The recipe can be found here:

I am still finding myself seeking the Indian bread plan as the store bought options are just dreadful. So, I am counting the days to our bread lesson with Upasana and Lokesh...

In the meantime, feel free to fall in love with this super easy Korma!


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