Wednesday We Eat Vegan

I am feeling SO FORTUNATE this week as I am in the USA, I have the opportunity to be with friends, I was booked for my vaccine! The world is all looking and feeling a little brighter :)

This week, we went a little big for vegan Wednesday but it was definitely worth it!! The Indian street food, the sauces, the samosas and better yet.... THE PINEAPPLE CURRY!!!! so amazing.

Karin's neighbor is Indian and was very clear that the pineapple curry was influenced from another culture as they don't actually have pineapple in India!! LOL! Regardless, we absolutely loved it.

Try it, Enjoy it, all recipes on the what's for dinner pinterest page:

Cilantro Chutney:

Indian Raita:


Aaloo Tikki (Indian street food):

Pineapple Curry:

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