Wednesday We Eat Vegan!! 20 July 2021

We´re full into July now and assume everyone is enjoying their summer. Here in Sweden, Summer is treasured, Swedes take off for a minimum of three weeks, mostly in July. Some Swedes will take 4 weeks or more. And when I say they take off, I mean they do not work at all, no checking emails or contact with work. I think their summer ritual is due to their long dark cold winters.

Swedes love gurka, cucumbers, eating them all year round. Swedes will eat part of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I love gurkas, embraced them even more since moving to Sweden. So…. For vegan Wednesday, I looked for recipes with cucumbers, and found a couple of delicious vegan recipes along with a lemonade and cocktail.

These recipes are so easy to make and delicious. They can be made ahead of time and served cold, perfect for taking on picnics.

Now I am all into lemonades this summer, so I went looking for a cucumber lemonade, found a fabulous one. I also found an adult version of lemonade, you know, with alcohol. Both of these are refreshing and delicious.

I hope you enjoy all of these gurka inspired recipes this week, remember they are all vegan!

Enjoy Happy Clean Summer Everyone!!


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