Wednesday We Eat Vegan!! 28 July 2021

Clean Summer Fun continues! Last week was such fun with the cucumbers, so refreshing and tasty. Amazing what you can do with vegetables! I even made some cucumber lemonade earlier this week, loving my summer lemonades.

As I look for delicious and fun vegan recipes, I find it interesting how much we have evolved with vegan recipes. Now I confess I am not a vegan or a vegetarian even though I eat many vegan and vegetarian meals. However, I don’t eat red meat, pork and very little dairy. When I would attend events/conferences and you have the set place meals, most of them were red meat. I would have to tell the waiter, I don’t eat red meat which lead to a bit of confusion before saying they would get me an alternative. Majority of the time, I would receive a pasta dish or nice salad. Now days, there are so many options for vegans and vegetarians. And, thankfully, restaurants and hotels, around the world, have caught up with offering more and better options. Many even offer gluten and dairy free options too. Yay!

In my search of recipes, not just vegan, I will search for a specific vegetable or fruit. This week, I had tomatoes on my mind, grew up eating them fresh from my Granddaddy’s Garden. I found this recipe, Creamy Tomato & Roasted Veg Risotto that is vegan. Now, I know that not everyone loves tomatoes but that is usually raw tomatoes.

OMG! This risotto is soooo delicious, I’m seriously in love with this recipe! Here are a few tips to help you out.

- First, I thought the vegetables were too much before I roasted them. They were not too much by the time they were roasted. I roasted mine an additional 8 minutes or so.

- For the passata which is tomato puree, should not be too thick. Mine was so I ended up having to add lots of water to cook the risotto rice.

- Be patient when cooking risotto, it takes time and lots of stirring. I raised the heat a bit higher than the recipe stated for the rice to cook.

- The recipe is in metric measurements – 225g (grams) and 250ml are all equal to 1 cup (or close enough).

This is an easy, fun delicious recipe, highly recommended. Here is a link to our Pinterest and some pics below.

Enjoy Happy Clean Summer Everyone!!


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