Wednesday We Eat Vegan

This week for Wednesday we eat vegan we made the SUPER SIMPLE AND SUPER DELICIOUS tray bake including Sweet Potato, Kale and Vegan Chorizo.

First of all, this is soooo easy. I took the simple-ness one step further as my local shop had a pre-made plant-based chorizo. I simply sliced and utilized this.

A bit of chopping, two rounds in the oven and Voilà! A perfectly delicious, plant based meal.

A couple pro tips - I added a chili pepper to contribute a bit of spice and I had on hand a vegan sour cream that paired nicely however, you could use greek yogurt as suggested in the recipe, or simply go without.

This meal stores well, packs well and tastes nice cold as well!!

I hope you enjoy:

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