Wednesday - We Eat Vegan Perfect Comfort Meal

It's Half-Term in our house, my youngest is on break from school, I took the week off work and after a beautiful walk with my neighbor I spent the morning making our meal for Wednesday - We Eat Vegan....

The Beetroot Wellington is a bit of a task so I'd say it's perfect for a Sunday meal, a holiday meal OR a Wednesday during half-term in tier five lockdown!!

This wellington turned out beautifully, savory, rich, AMAZING combination of flavors and super filling and satisfying. The recipe calls for a reduced balsamic, which had sugar in it, so I skipped and opted instead to pair with a creamed horseradish. This pairing was absolutely fabulous!!

We hope you have the opportunity to try it as one of the ideal comfort foods this month and if so, please leave your comments about what you think!!

Recipe is on the DW Pinterest page or direct link here:

Enjoy! Xx ~ Brenda

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