Welcome Alice Maidment, pilates teacher

Destination Wellness is excited to announce Alice Maidment as our first pilates teacher into our community!

Alice knows the challenges many of us face in finding wellness and balance in our everyday lives. As a Chartered Accountant working in the City (London) and mother to young children, she was faced with the challenge of finding balance in her life. Alice believes that our bodies are remarkable machines (which they are!) that intertwine thoughts, feelings, sensations and behaviours fluently and without pause. To know and understand our bodies can be a lifelong challenge, but one that is vital to our happy and healthy existence.

Alice is an excellent pilates teacher. Her calm demeanor is deceiving as her class is anything but relaxing. Her class works the entire body (even the calves) with smooth transitions to maximize the time - and your workout.

You can find her classes a few days a week on the DW online booking calendar, https://www.destinationwellness.uk/booking-calendar


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