Welcome Saori Funawatari, yoga teacher

Destination Wellness is excited to announce Saori Funawatari as the newest yoga teacher. Saori has advanced qualifications and has trained with some world-renowned teachers.

Saori was first introduced to Yoga when she first moved to London in 2002 and has been a keen practitioner ever since. Saori aims to teach an appreciation of our present state of being, a mindfulness to help counteract the stresses of daily life. She shares her knowledge to help students remove attachments (thoughts and fears that may bring negative energy) and instead brings positive vision, kindness, and love into their lives by understanding and accepting the true self, inviting purity into the body and mind.

Saori has been one of my teachers in London. Thanks to her support, discipline, and challenge, my practice has evolved, and my arm balances has strengthened. She also introduced me to Yin, for which I’ll be forever grateful!

You can find her classes on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. You can find her classes on DW online booking calendar, https://www.destinationwellness.uk/booking-calendar



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