What doesn't kill us makes us Stronger!

Today was like a heatwave in Malmö today, well maybe not heatwave but it was about 8 °C (46 °F) degrees and it wasn’t raining so it wasn’t so hard to get out the door. As I was running, I am thinking to myself, what am I going to blog about today about my run, then Kelly Clarkson song ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’ came on. I took this as a sign to write about the struggles and challenges we are all dealing with and how it makes us stronger as individuals. So many of us already deal with anxiety and depression then is pandemic comes along and makes that worse as well as making everyday life difficult for all of us.

I have talked with many friends and family recently that are definitely challenged more than normal. It is not in our nature to acknowledge we are struggling; I too am guilty of this. Yet I witness that we continue to try to help each other. We have figured out new ways to stay close and in touch along with doing it more often, we cannot just ‘wait until next time I see you’ anymore.

If you are feeling down, depressed, having anxiety, or just having a bad day – do not hesitate to reach out to someone, maybe someone you don’t normally share things like this with, expand your support circle as it will also expand theirs. We are all in this together, I genuinely believe that this will make us stronger.


Angel statue in St. Pauli Central cemetery.

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