What's for Dinner!!

Destination Wellness is launching a new weekly series called 'What's for Dinner'. This is a weekly meal plan for families. In our busy, family-focused, career-focused world, it is so hard to plan ahead and be diligent about what to eat ourselves and feed our family in the next week, DW wants to help you with planning your family meals.

I've found that if I focus on planning for one major meal a day (dinner of course, and I mean the one you eat in the evening), it typically lends itself to a really positive week. There are often enough leftovers for a nice lunch the next day and the other lunch days, general provisions on hand get the job done (we have a breakfast plan later to roll out, don't worry!!)

Anyone can view what we are having as a team for the next week on our "What's For Dinner" Pinterest board can found here: https://www.pinterest.se/destinationwellnessuk/whats-for-dinner-the-dw-teams-weekly-meal-plan/ We will be posting the weekly meals on Friday for the following week so you can plan your week.

Follow DW on Pinterest, pin recipes from it, whatever suits your fancy and watch for our experiences in preparing and enjoying these meals throughout the week!!


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