What’s for dinner, Week of 10 September 2021

We have loved Clean Summer Fun so much we are having a week of our favorites. Now there were so many great recipes to choose from, we loved so many of them we might just have to have a second week of favorites. Here are the ones we finally decided on are our favorites.

Let us know what your favorites are or if you have other favorites that we could include in our Clean Summer Fun! We are all looking forward to Clean Autumn Fun that is right around the corner.

1. BBQ Jackfruit pulled pork

2. Vegan risotto with tomato and roasted vegetables

3. Easy cauliflower pizza

4. Halloumi burger with tomato salsa and avocado cream, with vegan buns

5. Spiced Lentil Burgers with Tahini Slaw

6. Vegan Jackfruit ‘crab’ cakes

7. Sheet pan Mediterranean shrimp

All recipes are on our Pinterest board, Clean Summer Fun https://pin.it/1GavFDK or https://pin.it/4n2cb3v Here is your grocery list:

Pantry Items

1. Jackfruit

2. Olive oil

3. BBQ sauce or homemade (I love to make my own)

4. Sriracha hot sauce

5. Vegan buns

6. Vegan mayo

7. Sugar

8. Apple cider vinegar

9. Risotto rice

10. Balsamic vinegar

11. Tomatoes paste or fresh tomatoes

12. Tomato sauce

13. Almond flour

14. Burger buns, vegan if desired

15. Mayo, vegan if desired

16. Green lentils

17. Tahini

18. Sugar

19. Mustard

20. Worcestershire sauce

21. Flax seeds

22. Breadcrumbs

23. Artichoke hearts

24. Kalamata olives

25. Brown or white rice

Dried Spices

1. Salt and Pepper

2. Celery seed

3. Oregano

4. Garlic powder

5. Italian seasoning

6. Cayenne pepper flakes

7. Chai seeds

8. Onion powder

9. Paprika

10. Cumin

11. Bay spice

Fresh Herbs and Staples

1. Garlic

2. Basil

3. Coriander/Cilantro

4. Parsley

5. Chives


1. Onion

2. Lemons

3. Limes

4. Coleslaw mix with cabbage, carrots and red cabbage

5. Cherry tomatoes

6. Zucchini

7. Red bell pepper

8. Red onion

9. Cauliflower

10. Vegan cheese

11. Salad for halloumi burger

12. Avocado

13. Carrot

14. Red cabbage

Animal Byproducts

1. Halloumi

2. Shrimp

Enjoy!! Xx ~ Stephanie

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