What's for Dinner week of 24 January 2021

This week is Venezuelan week! It is also the last week that Edward, Daniela from DW’s, husband is with us. He’s headed back to Venezuela on the 29th and everyone will be sad to see him go. Team Venezuela however has put together a week of amazing recipes and I, myself, am looking forward to a week off from the family cooking!!

Venezuelan food is not traditionally healthy and in line with the clean eating principles at DW however, we have/will modify these recipes in our standard way to support our clean lifestyle.

Look for videos and blog posts this week to see what we’ve done!

In the meantime, your complete shopping list is below and annotated substitutes from the recipes on pinterest. As always, you are welcome to use the recipes as-is, or use our clean subs.

Looking very forward to enjoying these amazing treats! I know I personally will be eating Arepas for breakfast and lunch every day!!

I will suggest – to fully embrace the Venezuelan experience, make it a priority to make a very large stack of Arepas first, before anything else. Then these can be used daily. They are so easy, just corn meal and water and SO TASTY. We have a pin in What’s for dinner just for this that includes lots of great vegan ideas for fillings as well!!

Our meals this week will be:

  1. Reina Pepiada (this is my favorite arepa version which includes chicken and avocado)

  2. Cachapas with vegan toppings (instead of cheese)

  3. Andean Hallacas (The Venezuelan Tamale) This can be made as traditional with bacon, pork and beef, or sub a vegan protein such as Quorn mince, or leave animal byproducts out completely

  4. Wednesday Wellness! We eat Vegan – Venezuelan Lentil Soup (omit bacon and use vegetable broth)

  5. Venezuelan Chocolate Chili Chicken (sub coconut sugar)

  6. Venezuelan Pabellon Bowl (This is made with shredded beef, and we had a long discussion about a modification here. However, it is truly the “most” traditional Venezuelan dish and we agreed to have red meat one evening this week to try it)

  7. Empanadas with vegan fillings

  8. We’ve also included a Venezuelan Coconut Rice recipe as a dessert which calls for condensed milk, which we will sub out with oat milk and honey

You can access the recipes on Pinterest here: https://pin.it/2MXYn93

Your Shopping List:

Pantry Items

Mayonnaise (Vegan)

Oat Flour

Oat Milk



Oat Flour

Chicken broth

Vegetable Broth



Corn Flour (as in corn meal, not the white corn starch flour)


Plantain smoked leaves


Annatto (Achiote)

Red Wine

Brown Lentils

Olive Oil

Coconut Sugar

Dark Chocolate

Chopped Tomatoes

Coconut milk


Coconut Flakes

Black Beans

Vegetable Oil Spices




Garlic Powder

Cinnamon (ground and sticks)

Jamaican Peppers


Fresh Herbs and Staples




Bell Pepper




Corn (fresh or frozen)

Green (spring) onions

Red Peppers

Banana Shallots

Red Chilies

Mulatto Chilies


Animal Byproducts

Chicken Breast



Beef (for shredding)

Pork Mince

Chicken thighs and drumsticks (can sub breast)

Enjoy!! Xx ~ Brenda

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