What’s for dinner, Week of 27 August 2021

This is the official last week for Clean Summer Fun recipes! Now this does not mean that I will not be including some summer like recipes in September, after all it will be hot/warm for many of you. We found some extra easy recipes for you as we know that many of you are busy with kids starting school, enjoying the last of your summer holiday or just enjoying the warm weather.

As always, keeping with our Clean Summer Fun theme - fun, easy and delicious! Hope you enjoy these recipes, check out What’s for Dinner next week along with a shopping list for you this week. Recipes this week will be:

1. Cucumber sushi boats

2. Artichoke chickpea vegan ‘crab’ cakes

3. Vegetarian mushroom meatballs

4. Chili lime roasted vegetables & jackfruit bowl with jalapeno cream sauce

5. Sheet pan Mediterranean shrimp

6. Healthy grilled pineapple chicken

7. Grilled summer vegetable quesadillas

All recipes are on our Pinterest board, Clean Summer Fun https://pin.it/1GavFDK

Here is your grocery list

Pantry Items

1. Olive Oil

2. Tortillas

3. Tomato paste

4. Jackfruit, can

5. Cashews

6. Flour

7. Chickpea flour

8. Oats

9. Breadcrumbs

10. Marinara sauce

11. Can chickpeas

12. Can artichoke hearts

13. Dijon mustard

14. Mayonnaise, vegan if preferred

15. Rice, can substitute cauliflower rice

Dried Spices

1. Salt and Pepper

2. Garlic powder

3. Chili powder

4. Paprika

5. Taco seasoning

6. Oregano

7. Thyme

Fresh Herbs and Staples

1. Garlic

2. Cilantro

3. Parsley


1. Zucchini

2. Squash

3. Red, yellow & green bell pepper

4. Anaheim pepper

5. Red onion

6. Mushrooms

7. Asparagus

8. Pineapple

9. Dates

10. Cauliflower rice

11. Mixed greens

12. Lime zest

13. Jalapenos

14. Celery

15. Green onion

16. Lemon

17. Cucumber

18. Avocado

Animal Byproducts

1. Mozzarella cheese – you can substitute with vegan cheese

2. Pepper jack cheese – you can substitute with vegan cheese

3. Chicken thighs

4. Eggs

5. Shrimp

6. Parmesan cheese

Enjoy!! Xx ~ Stephanie

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