What’s For Dinner, Week of 27 June 2021

The end of June snuck up on us and we are full into summer now. As Brenda is still in the US, I am taking over What’s for Dinner for next week. I do not have a family to feed like Brenda but I do love to cook, eat and feed my friends in Sweden!

Today is Midsummer in Sweden, probably the biggest holiday of the year. Celebrating summer in the longest day of the year. Every Swede, whether a native or not, celebrates today with traditional Swedish food, songs, dancing around the Midsummer pole. If you are interested in finding out more, check out it here, https://www.swedishnomad.com/swedish-midsummer/ My main goal, besides having fun, is not to have a hangover as the Swedes do like their snaps.

Now back to What’s for Dinner next week, staying with our theme of Clean Summer Fun, including veggie burgers.

I made the Jackfruit pulled pork burgers last week which were out of this world. Still eating the leftovers, my boyfriend loves that. This recipe is definitely going in my rotation!

This week I will make vegan burger buns, will be a first for me. I decided to give it a try as vegan buns are not available at my local smallish grocery.

Recipes this week will be:

  1. Halloumi burger with tomato salsa and avocado cream, with vegan buns

  2. Chili lime shrimp wraps

  3. Summer chicken tray bake

  4. Vegetarian mushroom meatballs

  5. Mexican quinoa stuff portabella mushrooms (Wednesdays we eat vegan)

  6. Salmon asparagus with garlic lemon

  7. Spicy roasted carrots with Tahini lentil salad

You can access the recipes on Pinterest here: https://pin.it/5EctOz7

Your Shopping List:

Pantry Items

1. Brioche Buns

2. Olive Oil

3. Lentils

4. Balsamic vinegar

5. Tahini

6. Dijon mustard

7. Honey or syrup

8. Vegetable broth

9. Quinoa

10. Corn

11. Black beans

12. Break crumbs

13. Oats

14. Eggs

15. Marinara sauce

16. Parmesan cheese

17. Mayonnaise

18. Sour cream

Dried Spices

1. Salt and Pepper

2. Cayenne pepper

3. Cumin

4. Paprika

5. Thyme

6. Oregano

Fresh Herbs and Staples

1. Garlic

2. Cilantro or parsley

3. Basil


1. Carrots

2. Asparagus

3. Red onion

4. Red bell pepper

5. Portabella mushrooms

6. Limes

7. Red chili pepper

8. Romaine Lettuce

9. Avocado

10. Mushrooms

11. Onion

12. New potatoes

13. Cherry tomatoes

14. Lemon

Animal Byproducts

1. Salmon Filet

2. Prawns/Shrimp

3. Chicken

4. Halloumi

5. Butter

6. Chicken thighs

Enjoy!! Xx ~ Stephanie

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