Who are you!

This week I am continuing the series of self-love, learning to love yourself. During the past year or so, we have all had to deal with downtime, spending more time with and by ourselves. Now this leads to thinking, thinking about who we really are. We like to project to others what we want them to see or what others project on us to be who they think we should be. It can be exhausting trying to be someone you really aren’t.

That leads to the question, who are you really and do you like this person. If not, why?

Why do we pretend to be someone we aren’t? Sometimes it is to get something we want from others, or you think you aren’t worthy enough as you are, thinking others will judge you, easier to pretend to be what they think you should be. As you get older, you realize it is okay that everyone does not like you – we feel the same way about others so why not use the same thinking for ourselves.

As humans, we compare ourselves to others, thinking they are happier, better, have better lives however this is likely not true – they are thinking the same thing about you. There is nothing wrong with being envious of others. However, it is unhealthy to be jealous at some levels of someone because you can then be subtly telling yourself that you are not enough then waste your energy destroying yourself rather than take the opportunity to better yourself – let that person who you admire be inspiration not break yourself down.

Remember we are all human, while you sit there comparing yourself to others, they are doing the same thing – thinking they are not good enough, comparing themselves to you.

Be true to yourself, discover who you really are, you just might really love who you are! If there are things you do not like about yourself, then make changes to be more of who you really want to be. Remember life is a journey, you are constantly growing and changing. Your destination is changing as you change on this journey we call life.

Be your own inspiration and inspiration to others.


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