BARRE makes lean, strong dancer muscles. It can change your shape and make muscles neat and defined. BARRE will improve co-ordination and posture, it also increases cardiovascular endurance and metabolism. Regular BARRE workouts can increase bone density, which can help prevent conditions like osteoporosis and none of these reasons are really why I teach it!

Obviously, these are great benefits but the real truth about BARRE is it can change your approach to the ups and downs of life and quite simply teach you to be more resilient. Not only does BARRE build physical strength but it also builds enduring core mental stamina generated through repetition. As you approach the different exercises during the class and strong feelings of giving up, having a melt down or leaving the class arise you have to dig deep and deal with them. You have to find an inner strength you did not know you had. So when you have found the determination to deal with the challenges and the class is over, guess what - you survived, you are stronger because of it. A new confidence starts to come up in the body and wellbeing starts to shine.

The other reason I teach BARRE is I LOVE to dance. I love the connection with the music. I love the expressive nature of dance and so the combination of the two things can leave you feeling physically worked, but also emotionally in-tune. I literally want people to work it up and dance it out. The “it” will be different for all of us but somehow the beat and the feeling of unison give’s everyone in the class a powerful combined energy.

My classes are a celebration of strength and dance and I look forward to seeing you in class.


Founder of Barre Cambridge

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