Why run or workout

I am a day behind in blogging about my run, life gets busy. I was mentally motivated yesterday, told myself when I got up, we're running today so I dressed appropriately and got out the door without much resistance. Apparently it was intense, according to Google fit, thought I was walking not running - I did actually run, not matter what my watch thinks.

I recently met up with a couple of former colleagues over the past couple of weeks, keeping social distancing of course (even in Sweden), walking around Malmö checking out the Christmas decorations around the city center. We discussed how we manage our routines, working from home, them taking care of their kids and other life activities. The one factor that always comes up is dealing with the stress of the pandemic and how to manage life and the stress.

Both of these gals try to consitently workout in some form. One of them still gets up at 5:30, goes to the gym then comes hope to get ready for her day working from home - I am impressed with her dedication. The other gal usually runs/walks during the day for her sanitey, she has extra stress with her husband recovering from cancer, he is clean now. Both talked about the importance of the mental release working out as well as physical.

I talked with another gal pal last night who has been busy lately with multiple work tasks and has skipped 3 virtual yoga classes she registered for, she was feeling bad it and complaning about her body. We discussed that skipping on exercise is not a good choice and making it a priority.

No matter your stress level or how many things you are juggling, you must take care of yourself first. If you aren't taking care of yourself, how can you take care of others. You make choices every day, make the right one and choose yourself, even if it's a quick walk or workout, it makes a difference for your mental health.

Stay menatlly healthy out there,


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